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Thu, Feb. 22nd, 2007, 09:21 pm
Push and Pull

Haven't updated this one in a while.

Brit and I's relationship has recovered from the previously mentioned mess.

We both have our little problems to be sure, but we're doing better.

The sex is back to where it was, and the communication has improved.

Like I asked her to, she is getting counseling for her severe anxiety, and although I have some misgivings about the SEU Psych Services, I think it's helping her. It's still early, though. But she's got to do something about it-it cripples her, and that she's finally willing to admit it is a giant leap forward. I know she has legitimate things to worry about-her hydrocephalus issues and the shunt (she's been having possible symptoms of shunt failure-weird headaches, really bad nausea and stomach pains-and needs to see a neuro soon)but it should'nt rule her life. And hopefully when she gets everything sorted out, she'll move past this. She's strong. I know things will improve.

I've been out of meds for a week now-it's rough, but i'm going to get them this weekend hopefully. To compensate, i've been smoking a good amount of pot. Which is nice and helps, but isn't really the same as the Neurontin. The Skunk we've been smoking lately makes me rather spaced, so I can't do too much on it if I smoke a normal sized bowl. I also want to get a bong at some point, as it would be a nicer smoke then from a small, hot glass piece. I might get one this weekend for $40.

I'm surviving allright..more later.