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Thu, Dec. 7th, 2006, 09:35 pm
Whatever Gets You Through The Night

I'm hanging in here.

Been a very frustrating week.

Monday night I suffered a severe migraine which nearly sent me to the hospital. I have never had a migraine before. I was so scared I called Brit and asked her to come stay with me in case something bad should happen. She brought me four Advil. After about 4 hours of the worst headache I have ever had I finally got some sleep until 7AM when I called in sick to work, got up, finished a paper that I had due, and went to the health center to get checked out. They offered to write me a script for some Vicodin. I told them I did'nt need addictive pain medicine. I went and got some Excedrin instead.

Took my Logic final yesterday. Too early to say if I made a C, but my father said he prayed about it and had a "feeling of peace" that it would turn out okay. Whatever that means.. Lions and Tigers and Psychic Episcopal Priests OH MY! I have a small crisis with my Victorian Lit final, in that I cannot take it on Tuesday, as I work and they won't let me off, and I cannot take it on Monday as we kinda had planned originally, as my prof won't have the exam ready. So that leaves Wednesday I guess, or I can do it Friday? Arrrrrgh. On top of that I am finishing my huge paper for Senior Seminar, which is about Flannery O'Connor and redemptive violence. I have about 7.5 pages, I need to have 20, counting the bibliography.So I need 13 more pages. My intension is to finish it up this weekend and hand it in on monday. That way I have everything else out of the way and can focus and marathon write until it's done. I know what I want to say for the most part, and so I will add more critical commentary and analyze more stories to fill in length. And when it is done, I will cry in ecstatic joy.

Been trying to stay sane..mostly out of my meds, but have been smoking pot in the afternoons with Brit at our spot in the woods, which has helped alot..it takes her stress away, it gives me energy and calms my nerves, so it is really usefull for focusing. That said, I am not taking my finals in a green haze. If only medical cannabis was legal here in TX, because I think it does me good.. Not that I advocate getting stoned every day either.

Apartment hunting is still going bad..as soon as something comes up, it's already off the Market. I have found one place so far, in Matthew's complex, but it's $643, more than I can afford.My father, in his goodness, has said he'll help me with rent and I can look for cheaper places in summer when a 6 month lease runs out. I hate having him bail me out like this but times are tough down here so I don't have much choice. I am tired of having to ask anyone to help me. I'm a 27 year old man and I should fucking be able to take care of my shit. What the fuck. Anyways, I'm still looking for a few other possibilities. I really want to live at the Sasona Coop.

Dad is going to be here Tuesday night..I am looking forward to seeing him and the rest of the family again, and having them watch me graduate. I'm also a bit nervous because being with my family has always been awkward after I've been gone for a while. But I need to see them and I totally want them to see me walk next Saturday. It's all just kinda unreal to me right now.